• Research, Development and Production
  • Flexible software and hardware platform fully user configurable for any physical deposition application (solid- and gas- source MBE, PLD...)
  • Define recipes in terms of growth rates, composition, doping rate, thickness...
  • Precision Data Logging
  • Recipe editing during growth

  • Control, Monitor and Data Log vacuum system performance
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Print and export data

VacTools Data Exchange API

  • Transfer data instantaneously from VacTools to your own software using simple data transfer mechanism
PVC Process and UHV Vacuum System Controller

  • Precision HV/UHV pressure measurement
  • Supports UHV ion gauge + 2 additional gauges
  • User-configurable digital I/O Interlock Hub for system safety
  • Multi-step bake-out control (dual zone option)
  • Measurement as pressure or current (for BFM)
  • Analogue output
  • Fast multi-parameter comms interface (compatible with VacTools)
  • Wide range of accessories available (see Vacuum Gauges and PVC Accessories)

Vacuum Gauging and Cabling


Precision Temperature Controllers


  • Multi-channel temperature controllers; high stability, high accuracy
  • Wide range of thermocouple + voltage + user defined inputs
  • Independent channel and channel cascade operation
  • Standard connectors for ease of implementation
  • Voltage and current loop outputs as standard
  • Fast multi-parameter comms interface

PVC and Vacuum System Accessories


  • Bake-out thermocouple assemblies
  • DIN-rail heater/valve power switching assemblies
  • Soldering-free wiring aids for interlocking, power switching....