Accessories for PVC Controllers


PVCRLxDIN Boosts the PVC trip outputs to allow switching of up 16A per trip. Ideal for 3 phase switching (e.g. bake-out heaters), valve operation...

PVCS25 Provides soldering-free connection to the PVC DB25 trip and digital input connector

PVCTCK K-type thermocouple cables for UHV system bake-out

PVCVGPC Converter cable for "old-style" VG Pirani gauge heads

PVCRLxDIN Relay Extension Units


  • DIN rail mounted for rack installation
  • Screw terminal assembly for access to unallocated trips and digital inputs
  • 2m lead with DB25 connection to PVC (length can be extended by addition of standard through DB25 computer cable)
  • 90-250Vac powered
  • 3 or 7 change-over (normally open & normally closed contacts available) relays rated 16A @ 250Vac
  • Provides additional 12Vdc (max 250mA) for user wired interlocks
  • Bake-out power switching (e.g. use 3 relays for 3 phase power switching)
  • Valve operation
  • Backing/ballast pump operation (e.g. in response to Pirani pressure)
  • Auto power up of equipment on pressure ok
  • Power down in event of over-pressure
  • Pump regeneration (e.g. timed cryo-pump recycling)

PVCS25 Screw Terminal Assembly

  • Soldering-free connection to the PVC DB25 connector
  • Ideal for system development or where interlock allocation changes frequently

Thermocouple (Bake-out) cables for PVCs

  • Type K thermocouple on M4 ring for flange mounting
  • Room temperature to 500°C operation
  • Type 1: Direct connection to PVC t/c connector. 2m bakeable with 8m extension lead
  • Type 2: Connection to K module with 3pin mini-DIN connector to module