About EpiMax Ltd

In response for a need for control software for MBE equipment, Richard Kubiak started EpiSoft in 1988, having worked in MBE for over 10 years. EpiSoft pioneered definition of deposition processes in terms of growth related parameters, rather than low level voltages/temperatures etc. thereby revolutionizing the ease and precision with which structures could be realised. The company gradually expanded its remit to include peripheral equipment such as our highly successful ion gauge and temperature controllers, as well as installation of complete systems/racks. To reflect the expansion of product and service range, the company was incorporated as EpiMax Ltd in 2002.

Now located at a rural location in South Wales, we benefit from the twin benefits of an excellent quality of life, and a high-tech workforce and infrastructure.

In the meantime, the way the business has developed has lived up to its strengths in terms of products and expertise. So, as well as concentrating expertise on a specific product range mentioned in this web-site, EpiMax provides a range of sub-contract software development services (not covered in this web-site) to an expanding customer-base for embedded ┬Áprocessor products and Windows applications. Feel free to contact us!

A view from our office window. Sugar-loaf Mountain in the middle distance